Vehicle Access Restrictions Lifted At Valles Caldera National Preserve


Grass shows across the Valle Grande with snow visible on the north-facing slopes.  NPS Photo by Kimberly DeVall


Valles Caldera National Preserve has lifted the restriction for vehicle access from NM Route 4 to the entrance station. Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, and mountain biking are permitted.

Most of the snow in the Valle Grande has melted, but snow can be found on the north-facing trails, such as South Mountain, Coyote Call, and Valle Grande. Visitors are advised to use extreme caution while recreating in lower portions of the Valle Grande as the ground is saturated with water and deep ponds have formed in low areas.

Vehicle access into the backcountry remains seasonally closed. If road conditions are favorable, park rangers will resume issuing the backcountry vehicles permits on May 15.