Rep. Chris Chandler Releases Capital Outlay Projects For House District 43

chandler at homeRep. Christine Chandler. Photo by Maire O’Neill/


Representative Christine Chandler has released the list of 2019 capital outlay requests she made for the communities in her district.

She told the Los Alamos Reporter that in recent years, capital outlay monies have been severely restricted due to budgetary constraints.

“Because of the budget surplus, this year funds are available to address the many needs in the district.  In evaluating which projects to support, I focused primarily on infrastructure projects, for example mutual domestic water systems and community ditches,” Chandler said.  ” I also worked to ensure that monies were fairly distributed across District 43.  Los Alamos County listed as a priority infrastructure funding for its affordable housing project, an important project to which monies were allocated.”

Early in the legislative session, the House and Senate Finance committees conduct hearings on projects that are part of introduced legislation but does not take action on them. Then the House Taxation and Revenue Committee of the Senate Finance Committee conducts hearings on other statewide projects approved by legislative leadership for possible inclusion in the substitute bill that replaces the original legislation.

The list of projects in Chandler’s district is as follows:

  • 1st Judicial District Court Los Alamos Security Equipment  $25,000
  • Los Alamos Affordable Housing Infrastructure $375,000
  • Jemez Historic Site $70,000
  • Jemez Springs Bath House $110,000
  • Jemez Springs Community Park Improvements Phase I $30,000
  • Jemez Springs DWA Water System Improvements $50,000
  • Jemez Springs Police Dept Vehicles $60,000
  • Garcia Lucero Acequia Assoc. Improvements $19,505
  • Canon MDWC & SWA Water System Improvements $50,000
  • Ponderosa MDWCA & SWA Water Lines Replacement $49,995
  • Ponderosa MDWCA & SWA Meter Replacement $30,000
  • La Jara MDWCA & MSWA Water Tank Replacement $60,000
  • Archibeque Ditch Phase 3 Improvements $100,000
  • Regina MDWCA Water System Improvements $75,000
  • Cuba Water System Improvements $50,000
  • Sandoval County Fair Board Purchase & Construction $40,000
  • Cochiti Lake Fire & EMS Equipment $22,500
  • Pena Blanca WSD Improvements $25,000
  • Nacimiento Community Ditch Improvements $50,000
  • SFCC Public Radio Station Improvements $10,000
  • Northern NM Rural Broadband Services $20,000
  • La Bajada Community Ditch Improvements $20,000
  • La Bajada MDWCA Water System $25,000
  • Improvements El Guicu Community Ditch Improvements $60,000
  • Agua Fria St & Meadow Rd Improvements $50,000
  • Agua Fria Waste Water Improvements $50,000
  • Pojoaque Pueblo Waste Water Facility Expand $30,000
  • Santa Fe Solar Facilities PPP Plan $25,000
  • SFCC Health Sciences Simulation Lab $10,000
  • Carlos F. Vigil Middle School Music Program $10,000
  • Piedra Lumbre Visitor Center Purchase $40,000
  • Rio Arriba CMTY Services Center Coyote $150,000
  • Rio Arriba Co Residential Recovery Facility (Hoy) Improvements $150,000
  • North Central RTD Maintenance Facility Construction $200,000