Feedback For County Council Survey On 2019 Priorities Closes March 31

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There is just one week remaining to take the Open Forum survey hosted by the Los Alamos County Council. Councilors are seeking community feedback about the 2019 Strategic Leadership Plan unanimously adopted at the Council meeting held February 12, 2019. The survey will close on Sunday, March 31 at 5:00 p.m.

Results will be given to the Council in a report generated by the Open Forum software, for them to consider before the budget hearing process begins April 15. Seven priorities have been identified as focus areas this year:

Increasing the amount and types of housing options. This includes a variety of housing options for all segments of the community, from affordable, entry level, and live-work housing to new options for those interested in downsizing or moving closer to central areas of the community.

Enhancing support and opportunities for the local business environment. This includes appropriate support for existing businesses, growing new businesses, and supporting technology start-ups and spin-offs.

Addressing long-term building vacancies in our community. Land availability in Los Alamos County, and in particular in the downtown areas, is limited and there is a desire to work towards better utilization, opportunities for new businesses, and improved aesthetics.

Protecting, maintaining and improving our open spaces, recreational, and cultural amenities. Los Alamos County open spaces and cultural attractions are greatly valued by the community and provide opportunities for recreational and economic growth; appropriately allocating resources to ensure their health and sustainability is important to our citizens.

Supporting social services improvement. Behavioral, mental and physical health and social services are important quality of life components; there are key areas where appropriate types and levels of county support could help address current needs.

Investing in infrastructure. Appropriately balancing maintenance of existing infrastructure with new investments in county utilities, roads, facilities and amenities will help improve environmental stewardship, sustainability, and quality of life.

Planning for appropriate levels of county services. Making sure we understand the level of services our citizens want will allow us to make appropriate investments in processes and staff to achieve them.

Additional background about the Plan and supporting documents used to guide the process, which began in January, were posted to Open Forum earlier in February. It is an open-ended survey that asks residents to consider and respond to three questions:

  • What ideas do you have for making progress on the seven priorities?
  • Are there key areas where we could make near-term impact?
  • Are there other priorities we should be looking at in the future?

Individuals do not need to register with Open Forum to weigh in with comments and can remain anonymous.

While residents are asked to use the Open Forum survey tool, which has the benefit of allowing other community members to read and consider all responses, the Council will also accept an e-mail response to the three questions listed above. Send an e-mail to:

It should be noted that the Plan does not exclude making progress on other, previously identified goals. The seven priorities were selected as especially urgent or challenging issues. They were chosen as a tool to help ensure that, in the context of on-going County efforts, a focus on a few hard and cross-cutting issues is maintained.

Link here to take the survey: Or click on the Open Gov tab found on the home page of and then click on the Open Forum tab to access the survey.