LAPD Officers Receive Awards During Training Day

IMG_0132Los Alamos Police Cpl. Jemuel Montoya, left, receives a Police Chief’s Commendation from Chief Dino Sgambellone in connection to a burglary incident at Pajarito Cliffs in August 2017. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

IMG_0113 (3)Los Alamos Police Officers receiving awards and recognition from Chief Dino Sgambellone, far right, are: Det. Ryan Wolking (active shooter), Cpl. Robert Larsen (lifesaving), Sgt. Tim Lonz (five years of service), Det. Joseph Robinson (10 years of service) and Sgt. Chris Ross (10 years of service). Photo by Maire O’Neill/

IMG_0135Los Alamos Police Cpl. Robert Larsen, second from left, is recognized by LAPD command staff, from left, Cmdr. Preston Ballew, Chief Dino Sgambellone, Deputy Chief Jason Wardlow Herrera and Cmdr. Oliver Morris following his receipt of a lifesaving commendation. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

IMG_0137Los Alamos Police Cpl. Ben Hinrichs is congratulated by Chief Dino Sgambellone Mar. 11 after being presented with a lifesaving award in related to his response to a call involving a despondent person. Photo by Maire O’Neill/


Los Alamos Police Cpl. Sheldon Simpson, far left, and Cpl. David Boe are recognized by Chief Dino Sgambellone for traffic enforcement activity. Photo by Maire O’Neill/ 

IMG_0121Los Alamos Police Cpl. David Boe receives an award from Chief Dino Sgambellone for excellence and dedication in the area of traffic enforcement activity. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

IMG_0124Los Alamos Police officers receiving pistol awards from Chief Dino Sgambellone are, from left, Cpl. Robert Larsen, Cpl. John Harris and Sgt. Tim Lonz. Photo by Maire O’Neill/