LAPD Officers Attend ‘Leadership, Ethics and Teamwork’ Training With Renowned International Speaker

IMG_0140.jpgSpeaker Paul Butler, center, with Los Alamos Police Department command staff, from left, Cmdr. Oliver Morris, Cmdr. Preston Ballew, Chief Dino Sgambellone and Deputy Chief Jason Wardlow Herrera Monday at a presentation on ‘Leadership, Ethics and Tewmwork’ in Council Chambers at the Municipal Building. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

IMG_0142.jpgLos Alamos Police Cpl. Jay Eakins speaks with Paul Butler following Monday’s LAPD training session. Eakins is the school resource officer for Los Alamos High School. Photo by Maire O’Neill/


Los Alamos Police Department officers attended a presentation Monday by internationally renowned speaker Paul Butler on leadership, ethics and teamwork. A 27-year veteran of law enforcement, Butler has served as a training officer, sergeant, crisis negotiator, chief of police and chief deputy. He became chief of police of the Aynor Police department at the age of 22, which made him the youngest police chief South Carolina history.

Butler used humor and his past life experiences working on his family’s small tobacco farm and the local grocery store in his younger years which he credits with teaching him hard work, common sense, personability and respect for self and others, all of which have played heavily in his success in life. He told the police officers a healthy attitude is often the key to both personal and professional success.

Butler’s honest, entertaining and at times humble style which includes storytelling and humor kept his audience engaged and amused. One officer later commented that the presentation was inspirational and refreshing.

“I appreciated the opportunity for all our officers to attend the training at the same time. We don’t often get to do that and what Mr. Butler had to say was valuable to everyone on the team, no matter what rank they hold,” he said.

Another officer said most of what Butler had to say is already in the minds of individual officers but that bringing it all together at one time with the whole team was really valuable.

A third officer said Butler’s talk was genuine and that he had an interesting life story.

“He spoke of life lessons that are important for everyone, not just law enforcement, such as the importance of remembering who we serve which includes God and our families. He also reminded us that we should be grateful of the positions we hold, that we are living what is a dream to many other people,” he said.

Cmdr. Oliver Morris was instrumental in bringing Butler to Los Alamos for the LAPD training session.

“I learned about Paul Butler from a colleague at the San Juan County Sherriff’s Department.  Last fall, I went to hear him speak in Farmington.  I was moved by the simple yet impactful and positive message Mr. Butler has to share with his audience and specifically law enforcement, ” Morris told the Los Alamos Reporter. “His message is to simply be the best person and ultimately professional that you can be. I believe our officers received his message with enthusiasm as they are already professionals and that this training provoked a deeper thoughtfulness and understanding of personal ethics, leadership, and how to be a teammate.”

Morris said Butler had many great things to say about LAPD and the Los Alamos Community and even visited Bandelier National Monument.

IMG_0108.jpgSpeaker Paul Butler addresses officers from Los Alamos Police Department Monday during training. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

IMG_0146.jpgLos Alamos Police Cmdr. Oliver Morris, left, chats with Paul Butler who presented training Monday to LAPD officers on “Leadership, Ethics and Teamwork”. Photo by Maire O’Neill/