Traffic Stop Results in Eight Charges For Driver



A summons has been issued in Los Alamos Magistrate Court for Monica N. Salazar, 36, of Espanola on eight charges connected with a traffic stop in Los Alamos in December 2018.

Los Alamos Police Department Sgt. Ben Irving filed the summons after investigating a call from someone who claimed she had received a notification to appear in court for a citation she had not been issued and that she had not been in Los Alamos for some time. On investigating the call, Irving discovered that Cpl. David Boe had stopped Salazar for speeding and having a tail lamp out.

During the stop, Court documents indicate that when Boe asked for her license, insurance and registration, Salazar said she did not have her license with her and had difficulty finding the other items requested. The registration status of the vehicle was suspended. Court documents state that Salazar discussed three different names with Boe in connection with the ownership and registration of the vehicle and identified herself by a false name.

Through speaking with the caller, reviewing Boe’s body-worn camera video and looking at social media photos, Irving was able to identify the driver as Salazar.

Salazar is charged with forgery, concealing identity, driving while her license is suspended or revoked, speeding, driver must be licensed, evidence of fiscal responsibility, evidence of registration and tail light not working.

Salazar appeared Jan. 30 before Judge Pat Casados and was released on her own recognizance pending trial.