UNM-LA Late Start Classes Explore A Variety Of Topics


Spring at UNM-LA. Photo by Nancy Coombs/UNM-LA


UNM-Los Alamos (UNM-LA) will offer a number of late-start classes exploring subjects of cultural, personal, business and organizational interest. Classes are available in both face-to-face and online formats. Start dates range from the end of February to April and there is also an intersession class which runs between the spring and summer semesters. Students and community members may register for these classes without a late fee through the day prior to each class’s start date.  These classes may be taken by degree seeking students toward their degrees, or by others as non-degree students.

For those interested in exploring the nuances of culture and human interactions, there are three classes that study communication.

Introduction to Race, Class and Ethnicity, AMST 185 will be offered online from March 18 – May 11.

This interdisciplinary introduction to the issues of race, class and ethnicity in American life and society will be taught by instructor, Dr. Renae Mitchell. “The intent of studying the U.S. from a minority perspective, is to bridge cultural divides and develop understanding of diverse cultures,” said Mitchell. “Our local and national community has traditionally been a community of great diversity. This course helps us understand other ethnicities and cultures. “

Communication across Cultures, CJ 115, provides an introduction to communication among people from different cultural backgrounds, emphasizing intercultural relations. The class seeks to identify, honor, and enhance the strengths of different cultural perspectives, while teaching students to be better communicators in both personal interactions and business interactions. Instructor Erika Stupka, who specializes in communications, will teach this class online from March 18 – May 11.

Stupka will also teach the online Introduction to Communication, CJ 101 from May 12 – May 31. Students can earn 3 credit hours in this two week intersession class, studying principles and concepts of various types of human communication, including interpersonal, small group, organizational, public, and mass communication.

As tax season approaches, it may be a good time to consider learning more about the tax system. Introduction to Income Tax, BSTC 212 will be offered online from March 18-May 11. Instructor Monther Jubran, a new faculty member with an expertise in tax, will cover IRS code and regulations as they pertain to the individual. Students will study capital gains and losses, accounting methods, income, deductions, social security, installment sales and alternative tax methods. UNM-LA Dean Sharon Hurley noted “This is a great class to help everyone understand the U.S. personal income tax laws. This class will be helpful for individuals who want a better understanding as they prepare their own taxes, and an understanding of tax rules is valuable when making personal financial decisions.”

For individuals interested in developing a better understanding of computer use and also increasing their computer skills, Introduction to Microcomputers on PC, CT 102 will be offered in both classroom and online formats. The class provides an overview of the use of computers and data processing in today’s society, and discusses PC history, terminology, and applications. Students will be introduced to word processing, databases and spreadsheets with Microsoft Word, Access and Excel.  The face-to-face section, taught by Dr. Joan Lucas will meet 12 – 1:45 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays from March 19 – May 9. This is a hybrid class, with homework through an online platform. Dr. Marko Puljic will teach the online section from April 1-May 3.

Time Management, BSTC 115, will meet 6 – 8:40 p.m. on Thursdays from Feb. 21 – March 28. With instructor Vicki Erhart,students will examine methods of managing personal and professional time during the workday. Individuals will be introduced to tools that can help them utilize their time more efficiently.

Erhart will also teach Organization Skills, BSTC 117, 6 – 8:40 p.m. on Thursdays from April 4-May 2. Students will investigate techniques for organizing workplace space and filing systems in order to optimize their work spaces.

Individuals who are 65 or older can take advantage of a reduced tuition rate of $5 per credit hour for up to 6 credit hours for classes that have open seats once the semester begins. To qualify for this rate, seniors must be New Mexico residents. Per state law, registration for this reduced tuition opens on the first day of the class.

For questions about the registration process, please call Student Services at 505-662-5919.

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