Los Alamos Photographer, Author And Scientist Elena Giorgi Brings Images To Los Alamos Reporter


Los Alamos Reporter followers are being treated to the photos of Elena E. Giorgi. Photo by Maire O’Neill/losalamosreporter.com


Elena E. Giorgi is a scientist, award-winning author and IPA-awarded photographer. She likes to say she spends her days analyzing genetic data, her evenings chasing sunsets and her nights pretending she’s somebody else.

Born in Scotland where her Italian parents lived while her father was working on his PhD at the University of Edinburgh, Giorgi was raised in Tuscany and graduated from the University of Pisa having majored in Theoretical Mathematics. She has  Masters of Science Degrees in Theoretical Mathematics and Biostatistics and a PhD in Applied Mathematics. She is currently working as a Computational Biologist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

“Math is pure and beautiful,” Giorgi said. “It’s like a Michelangelo painting—perfect all around. You can’t be wrong when you follow the steps dictated by logic.”


A December moon captured by photographer Elena E. Giorgi. 

Giorgi said that although she and her husband have lived and studied in other countries, the United States feels like home to them. She said she actually became interested in photography after she moved to Los Alamos.

“My photos are never done with just a click of my camera,” Giorgi said. “I go home and play with them.”


One of Elena E. Giorgi’s many photos which feature the sunrise or sunset. Photo by Elena E. Giorgi

Sometimes she superimposes an image onto another image, focusing on more than one element. She also delves into composites, bringing the whimsical and surrealistic into her work.

The Los Alamos Reporter was delighted when Giorgi accepted the invitation to publish her photos on the Reporter’s website and Facebook page.


Elena Giorgi’s first book, “Chimeras”, was published in 2014. Courtesy image

In 2011, Giorgi wrote her first book “Chimeras” which was published in 2014 and followed by three more books – “Mosaics”, “Gene Cards” and “Immunity”. Her books are available on Amazon.com.


A beautiful image of fall colors captured by Los Alamos photographer Elena E. Giorgi. More of her work may be found at elenaegiorgi.com. Photo by Elena E. Giorgi