Photographer Stephen Lee To Publish Work On Los Alamos Reporter

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Photographer Stephen Lee of White Rock is adding his work to the Los Alamos Reporter website and Facebook page. Photo by Maire O’Neill/ 


‘Sunset in White Rock Canyon’ – Sunset lighting part of White Rock Canyon, with the Rio Grande flowing through, in northern New Mexico. Photo by Stephen Lee/Dark Glass Photography


His photos pop up all over the place on social media – mostly striking black and white images of skies and landscapes with a meteorology air to them.

His name is Stephen Lee and you may have seen his work under “Dark Glass Photography”, perhaps shared by a friend, and wondered about the photographer who seems to look Los Alamos and the surrounding area with a different eye.

The Los Alamos Reporter is delighted to announce that Lee’s photos will be a regular feature on the Reporter’s website and Facebook page.


‘Seeds of Spring’ – Seed pods hanging from a tree at Ashley Pond in Los Alamos, awaiting spring. Photo by Stephen Lee/Dark Glass Photography

Lee first became interested in photography in undergraduate school in the film era before the digital age. When his daughter was born he began working with digital photography and bought a digital SLR camera.

“I’m a physicist by training and computational by nature,” said Lee, who retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory after 32 years.

Since retiring, Lee said his work has been featured in juried shows throughout the area. He and his wife, Beth, love to travel America’s national parks and his photos capturing wildlife and scenery have appeared on various websites. The couple recently spent a month hiking and camping at Yellowstone and as Lee said, “Photography comes with that”.


‘Frozen Drop’ – A melting icicle with an inverted image of a pine tree in the drop (if you look closely). Photo by Stephen Lee/Dark Glass Photography

Lee said a really good photographer can see a photo before they can take it. He also believes the best camera is the one you have with you, which he said sometimes is just a cell phone.

Lee’s website is where his work can be viewed and purchased. His photography and social media accounts include:

  • Facebook: @darkglassphoto (
  • Instagram: darkglassphotography (
  • Twitter: @darkglassphoto
  • 500px: srlee (
  • Youpic: srlee (

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‘St. Peter’s Dome Sunrise’ – Jan. 2 sunrise on St. Peter’s Dome in northern New Mexico. Photo by Stephen Lee/Dark Glass Photography