Motorcyclist Charged With DWI And Careless Driving Following Canyon Road Crash

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An amended criminal complaint was filed in Los Alamos Magistrate Court Wednesday against Michael Brazfield, 48, of Los Alamos in connection with a Nov. 3 motorcycle accident on Canyon Road.

Los Alamos Police Cpl. Michael Weiss responded to the accident and found Brazfield sitting near a motorcycle with “serious facial trauma”. Court documents filed by Weiss state that Brazfield was disoriented and couldn’t answer basic questions. Weiss’s report states he could detect a strong odor of alcohol at the scene.

Los Alamos Fire Department personnel transported Brazfield to Los Alamos Medical Center. The report states that he was uncooperative with medical personnel. It also notes that there was extensive damage to the motorcycle and the guardrail.

Corporal Weiss went to LAMC with a blood draw kit. His report states that Brazfield continued to be uncooperative and combative and “continually yelled, ‘Just kill me’”.

Brazfield was charged with driving while and intoxicated and careless driving. His attorney, Stephen Aarons waived arraignment and a pretrial hearing has been scheduled for Jan. 4, 2019.