Spotted Skunk Observed At Bandelier National Monument

Skunk Bandelier.jpgA not often seen animal in Bandelier National Monument, skunks themselves are uncommon, but a spotted skunk (Spilogale gracilis) is a very rare sight indeed! This one was seen along the road which the folks at Bandelier say is a good reminder to always drive carefully, and look out for all Bandelier’s wildlife. Photo Courtesy NPS

Skunk 2.jpgAccording to the Montana Field Guide, the Western Spotted Skunk is a small, relatively slender skunk with glossy black fur interrupted with distinct white stripes on the forward part of the body. The posterior part of the body has two interrupted white bands with one white spot on each side of the rump and two more at the base of the tail. The pattern of white lines and spots is individually unique. The top of the tail is black and the underside is extensively white. The tip of the tail is white. A white spot is present on the forehead and another in front of each ear. Photo Courtesy NPS