Letter From Christine Chandler

Letter to the editor - Chandler thanks

Thank you Los Alamos! Thank you District 43!

In the eleven months since I announced my candidacy for the New Mexico House of Representatives, I have been privileged to meet many extraordinary people from across the district: people with busy lives raising and educating children, caring for parents, and working hard to make a living.

Meet & Greets, rodeo parades, fiestas, community clean-up days and breakfasts gave me a window into the lives of people who will soon be my constituents.  I also learned through thousands of phone calls and door knocks that many of us care about the same issues:  quality public education, access to affordable health care, battling the drug abuse crisis, and caring for our environment.  We know that sustaining and protecting traditional water sources is critical.   Increased investment in infrastructure and targeted economic initiatives must be priorities.    We face challenges in many areas to turn this state around.  I am committed to working for you and I know you will be beside me as we face these challenges.

I am humbled the by election results and the strong support I received.  You have shown that you respond to a dialogue that is substantive and fact-based. You want a person who will listen and who will consider and merge different points of view and perspectives.

To the many, many volunteers who have phoned, canvassed, attended rallies and forums and made food to sustain us, I offer my sincere, heartfelt thanks.  I am overwhelmed by the warmth and encouragement that I have received from all of you and the many people who have shown confidence in me.  I will not let you down.

Christine Chandler