Letter From Sara Scott

Sara Scott letter

Dear Los Alamos County Residents,

I would first like to thank the citizens who took time to speak with me regarding our county’s future.  This continuing public discourse will be the foundation of my service to the community.  I am also grateful to the supporters who donated to my campaign, knocked on doors, wrote letters of support, placed signs in their yards, and provided such helpful words of encouragement. I couldn’t have done it without every one of you!

My family’s support and love, all the way from California and the great Northwest, to Texas, Kansas and Tennessee was an essential part of my decision to run and to my campaign efforts, as was that of my husband Brian, beside me every step of the way right here in Los Alamos.

In addition, I want to be sure to recognize all the other candidates who worked hard this year for the opportunity to serve our community. It was a shared journey and I, as well as the county, certainly benefited from our discussions and interactions.

I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to serve our community as a part of the new council team; I’ll work hard and continue to listen to and learn from you as we move forward together to keep our community the special place it is and will be in the future.

 Sara C. Scott