Letter From James Robinson

Letter - James Robinson).jpg

Dear Los Alamos Residents,

What a night! Los Alamos, without a doubt, knows how to show up! Early voting and Tuesday was an amazing turnout! We definitely set the bar high for the rest of the state.

I wanted to also thank my family, friends, supporters, and volunteers again, election night would not have a happened without your support through this entire campaign. I especially want to thank Councilor Susan O’Leary and former Councilor James Chrobocinski. It was their friendship and support that solidified me throwing my hat in the ring.

Finally, I want to thank all the candidates! This contest was a great debate, and I had a lot of fun discussing our vision for Los Alamos. We had an amazing group of candidates, and it is a shame not all of us could make it, including Timothy Morrison and Quentin Dimick. Thank you for caring about this community, and I hope to continue working with you all as we continue to make Los Alamos a wonderful place to live.

As the signs come down, the county will get a small break from the local politics. Let us look forward to the holidays, and the great times that are sure to come.

I look forward to continuing to serve this community.

James Robinson