A Vote For Lisa Shin Is A Vote For Ethics And Integrity

Letter To The Editor_Donna MacDonald


With the news of the Regional Coalition of LANL Communities Board Members violating their own rules and NM state laws with travel, meals, and political lobbying, I am proud to support Lisa Shin, a candidate for the NM House of Representatives, District 43.  Lack of accountability and corruption in our State Legislature are among the reasons we are at the bottom of every list. A vote for Lisa is a vote for ethics and integrity. For the many years I have known Lisa, she has approached her work in our community with honesty and dedication. She always strives to do what is right, and it is one of the reasons she is a well-respected, established member of our community. She has built her thriving optometric practice and small business from the ground up, and that says alot.

Her opponents are calling her “racist,” “xenophobic,” and “anti-immigrant.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Her story is the American Dream, where immigrants become American citizens, succeed, and prosper. Her parents taught her the value of hard work, personal responsibility, self-reliance, and individual freedom. That’s what I call “Americanism.”

We have too many career politicians who cannot be trusted. Lisa is authentic, genuine, and truly cares about people. I ask the citizens of Los Alamos and District 43 to join me in voting for Lisa Shin.

Donna MacDonald
Los Alamos