Christine Chandler Is For All Of Us

Letter to the editor - Catherine Ozment


When I joined Christine’s campaign team in January of this year, I was hesitant, even a little skeptical.  I promised myself I would step back if I decided I wasn’t for her, because I worried maybe she wasn’t for me.  As I’ve gotten to know her over the last 10 months, I’ve realized that Christine is for all of us.  Even people who disagree with her.

There are a lot of things I like about Christine and her candidacy for state house.  She’s smart, and she does her homework.  She’s kind and funny and dotes on her dogs.  She is dedicated to public service and passionate about engaging with people—especially people who have different opinions.  For Christine, those conversations are opportunities to learn and to serve us better.  She knows that we live varied and challenging lives within Los Alamos and throughout the district, that people struggle with problems that might not be visible right away.  When people tell her about their experiences, what’s hard, what’s good, what’s not working about our community, she believes them, and she looks for smart, sustainable solutions.

I especially respect that even when it might be easier to tell someone what they want to hear, Christine buckles down and says what she knows to be true.  Her views may evolve with new facts, but they do not shift depending on the audience.  She cares about making policy that benefits the people of this district, not about holding an ideological stance. She holds herself accountable and welcomes her constituents to do the same.

I was hesitant to join the campaign in January because I didn’t know Christine yet.  I didn’t know about her incredible work ethic, her compassion, or her integrity.  It’s November now, and I’ve seen up close her dedication to hearing from everyone and her commitment to serving this community.  I’m for Christine Chandler, because Christine Chandler is for all of us.

Catherine Ozment