Chris Chandler Will Fight For And Represent Every One Of Us

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One of the hardest things about public service as an elected official can be to place the needs of the many over what you as an individual may selfishly want for yourself.  Endorsing Christine Chandler is, if I’m being honest, for me one of those decisions.

I want to be clear about this. I have no doubts about Christine Chandler being  overwhelmingly the best candidate to represent not only the interests of Los Alamos but all of District 43 as a whole.  Why do I know this? I have campaigned against Chris; to refresh your memory I lost the primary to her by a mere 35 votes. A month later when I was drafted back into the race, I campaigned along side her. I have since then been extremely fortunate to serve with her. I was a political novice and could not have asked for a better mentor. She has shown me firsthand how to properly do a difficult job well.  I know from personal experience that she has a wealth of experience and knowledge that she is always eager and willing to share.

Chris will be a great addition to our Legislature, and will serve our community to the high standards we have grown accustomed to under the leadership of both Jeannette Wallace and Stephanie Garcia Richard before her.  Chris is a conscientious and careful deliberator of tricky issues. Her legal background helps her consider and spot potential problems before they arise.

I personally know her to be hard working and dedicated to everyone she is elected to represent. She always does her homework, and comes to every meeting well prepared.  I often liken Chris to a bulldog when it comes to fighting for her constituents, and whether that is fighting for water rights in our district, or fighting for the Lab, it is a trait that we need from our next representative.  However, as tenacious as she can be, she is always willing to not only listen to differing opinions from her own, but to allow her own position to be changed as a result.  This is important because being an effective legislator fundamentally means being able to create compromise, and work effectively with opinions from all sides, I know Chris most definitely has that ability.

So why do I feel like endorsing Chris was a difficult decision for me personally? Because the selfish little voice inside my head wants nothing more than to continue serving on Council with her. I respect her. I value her opinions, especially when they differ from my own. I will truly miss serving with her.  That however, is just me being selfish.  Chris has been a strong, well reasoned voice for our county, a voice that I firmly believe will be both listened to and respected at the roundhouse. I know Chris will without a doubt be the best voice for us at the Legislature.

I strongly encourage everyone to join me in voting for Christine Chandler for District 43. She will fight for and represent every one of us.

Antonio Maggiore
Los Alamos County Councilor