Assistant District Attorney Petitions For Pretrial Detention For Alan Wilson



First Judicial Assistant District Attorney Kent Wahlquist has asked for preventive pretrial detention for former Los Alamos resident Alan Wilson. The petition was filed in First Judicial District Court Monday and states that there are no conditions of release that will reasonably protect “the safety of another and the safety of the community”.

Wilson is charged with 10 counts of criminal sexual penetration in the first degree with a child under 13 and 20 counts of criminal sexual contact with a minor, third degree – child under 13 – clothed.

The petition notes that Wilson lives with a different child under 13 and that electronic monitoring “will not prevent him from engaging in similar conduct with a child he is living with”.

Los Alamos Magistrate Judge Pat Casados issued an order Oct. 22 at the request of the District Attorney’s office to have Wilson transported from San Angelo, Texas to the Los Alamos Detention Center.

No date has been set yet for the pretrial detention hearing. Chief Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer has been assigned to the case.