Lisa Shin Will Encourage Debate And Respect

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Good leaders define problems, formulate solutions and try to unify people behind them.  How can that happen—even as our nation’s in crisis—considering the tone of this year’s election?

I received a mailing from Patriot Majority of New Mexico.  It attacked Lisa Shin in ways reflecting, from my view, little integrity, and condemning her because she “supports Trump on health care.” Thus, despite my respect for Chris Chandler, I’ll vote for Shin.

How telling that the “patriots” condemned her, rather than praise Chandler! When did we become a nation when to run for office one must face character assassination?

I come from generations of Democrats, but today’s party—led by reality-challenged extremists like Nancy Pelosi–forgets that since the 1880s it was THE party of low immigration and tight border enforcement.  Chuck Schumer, for example, in 2007, sponsored a bill banning illegal border crossers from applying for work.  Democrats knew border enforcement is requisite to helping resident poor, labor, minorities, keeping the middle class strong and protecting an environment being annihilated by the immigration-driven population explosion that Wall Street-owned media, in an affront to ethical journalism, unwaveringly advocate.

Some cry that Trump divides us, even as their every action—as does corporate media’s every action—does the same, only worse.

I’m fed up that the only “debate” allowed is no debate, with hot-button issues fanned to the emotional fervor of an extremist religion.  “Good people” welcome all immigration and illegal border crossers no matter the social, economic or environmental consequences.  “Bad people” want immigration returned to historical far lower norms or ask how we can continue to accept tens of millions of immigrants a decade, meaning we’re one of 8 nations fueling half of all the planet’s growth—another conversation denied.

Lisa Shin will encourage debate and respect.  She understands that debate, even disagreement is the American way, not—as Democrats and the extremist left believe—that someone is evil.

Kathleene Parker