Only One Good Choice In Sheriff’s Race

Letter To The Editor Mark Whitcomb


In the Sheriff’s race, there is really only good choice. Chris Luchini is a sane adult that has made it clear he is running for the position of Sheriff because he cares about the residents of Los Alamos, and the position of Sheriff.

At the Kiwanis candidates forum earlier this month, I asked all four candidates how they had voted in the 2016 referendum on whether or not to eliminate the office of Sheriff. Only Joe Granville stated that he voted AGAINST keeping the office of Sheriff. Mr. Granville have no clear answer as to what had changed in the last year and a half to make him now support keeping the office.

In addition, during the discussion of a potential budget for the Sheriff’s office, Mr. Granville said the secretary does or should do all the work of maintaining the Sex Offender Registry. I am concerned he will just do nothing as Sheriff, not even his mandated duties, as a way to kill support for the existence of the office of Sheriff.

I do a lot of charity work in the community for different things. I have spent time with Chris Luchini while he teaches concealed carry classes for the benefit of the Los Alamos Sportsmen’s Club. He is a man of high character, a hard worker, a family man and a reputable businessman. I am a retired County firefighter and I believe he is the only choice.

The remaining two candidates have credibility and character issues that have been reported on in Los Alamos newspapers and on Facebook.

Please do your research, and vote for Chris Luchini for Sheriff.

Mark Whitcomb