Trujillo Voss: Keep It Simple

Letter to the editor - trujillo voss
Keeping it real. I am not a polished politician. I am not rehearsed or robotic. I was raised in Espanola and my family is from Chimayo and Truchas. I didn’t attend college right out of high school. I had to figure it out my own. I have two degrees from Northern New Mexico College. I have worked at hospitals in Northern New Mexico and at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) for the past fifteen years. I have been a mentor at work, with Juvenile Diabetes Research funding and Advocacy, and I volunteer within LANL and the community. Last year I completed a B.S. in Project Management from Colorado State University. I completed this degree because I wanted a change in my career. I created my path. I believe in change.

If we are going to complain, we need to offer a solution. For example, why was a family of White Rock using Portable Moving PODS given a Notice of Violation for not having an accessory structure permit? The homeowner has lived and worked in this community for 57 years and is moving to a true Homeowners Association for retirement. The REMAX sign with the “sale pending” in the front yard is hard to miss. This family is using the PODS to move away and the house is under contract.  As a solution, I think it is reasonable that the employees of the Community Development Department contact the homeowner and communicate. Find out what the situation is, what the concerns are, and how to move forward in a constructive manner. Our county government should be helpful and offer solutions. Punishments should be a last resort.

What you will get from me as a County Councilor is authenticity and honesty. I am not the type of person that will create a pretty picture with pretty words. I don’t have time for that. I don’t think many of us have that kind of time. We have commitments, jobs, kids, carpools, teachers, bills, thoughts of retirement, college planning, ACT/SAT’s, weeds, utility bills, and holidays to think of. Our last thoughts for the day should not be about Los Alamos County Government.  I want to know the truth. I want to share the truth. I am direct. I want a change. This is why I am running for County Council.

Dawn Trujillo Voss
Candidate For County Council