It’s Time For A Judge Who Is Qualified For The Position

Jon Doorn


I strongly encourage Los Alamos Voters to vote for Elizabeth Allen as municipal court judge. She is the only candidate that has law credentials, and she has plenty of experience involving what the municipal court handles. She has been running her own law firm for over 10 years, and has shown her commitment to our community through her involvement in the Los Alamos Teen Court.

I first met Elizabeth three years ago when I joined the Los Alamos Teen Court as a freshman. For readers who are not familiar with Teen Court, it is a system where teens who commit misdemeanors and traffic violations in our county can face a jury of their peers in court, represented by fellow teen attorneys, to receive a sentence and get their charge cleared from their record. Elizabeth was the coordinator for the program at the time, and helped introduce me to the judicial system. I started as a regular jury member, and eventually, with her advice and guidance, became an attorney, either defending or prosecuting my peers. I still participate in Teen Court as an attorney and judge, and credit Elizabeth for building and growing our Teen Court into the empowering and innovative program it is today.

As a voter, I believe that every judge should be required to have law credentials, and in most states, all judges are required to hold JD degrees. Since Elizabeth is the only candidate in this election who has a JD degree, I believe that she is the only candidate that is fully qualified for the position.

Due to Elizabeth’s qualifications and involvement in our community, she is the only candidate that I can fully stand behind. I urge Los Alamos residents to get out to vote during this crucial midterm election, and elect Elizabeth Allen as our municipal court judge!

Jon Doorn
Los Alamos High School Senior