Arrest Warrant Issued For Alan Wilson On 30 Charges

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Los Alamos Magistrate Judge Pat Casados has approved an arrest warrant for former Los Alamos resident Alan Wilson, 37, on 30 charges of criminal sexual behavior with a minor child. Wilson is reportedly living in Texas.

He faces 10 counts of criminal sexual penetration in the first degree with a child under 13 and 20 counts of criminal sexual contact with a minor, third degree – child under 13 – clothed.

An affidavit of arrest warrant and criminal complaint were filed by Sept. 25 by Los Alamos Police Det. Matt Lyon who first met with the alleged victim in November 2017. The affidavit indicates that a report from Child Protective Services documented that the reporting party had spoken to the victim Nov. 2 and that she had discussed past criminal sexual assault by Wilson. The girl’s mother agreed to allow her so speak to Lyon at the police department.

Lyon’s affidavit says the girl lived with Wilson from her birth in 2001 until she was about nine years old, with her grandparents until she was 15 and since then with her mother. It states that the girl could not remember when the alleged abuse started but that it stopped when she moved out and that Wilson would only sexually abuse her when she was “in really bad trouble”, about twice a month.

The girl told Lyon that Wilson would put alcohol in her tea and tell her she was a bad girl and that he “did it out of love”. She told Lyon that Wilson would take her to his bedroom, take off all her clothes and that he would penetrate her with his hands.

Lyon’s affidavit indicates that in a forensic interview at a safe house in Santa Fe the girl also said Wilson physically and sexually abused her, touched her in her private areas, and pushed her against a wall and kissed her.

On Dec. 7, 2017, Lyon’s report says he spoke to Wilson by phone but that Wilson didn’t want to speak to him without a lawyer. Lyon said he advised Wilson to have his lawyer call to set up a date to have an interview. He said he forwarded the case to Assistant District Attorney Kent Wahlquist on Dec. 18 for review. Wahlquist said Thursday that he could not comment on the reason it took some 10 months to proceed with the case against Wilson.