Man Charged With Aggravated DUI Following Crash On Carlsbad Avenue

judge-gavel-1461291738X4gBY MAIRE O’NEILL

Robert Moore, 62, of Los Alamos was charged with aggravated driving on the influence, possession of a controlled substance and stopping or parking prohibited in a specific place.

Los Alamos Police Officers Dominic Perez and Adam Jung responded to the scene following reports of a driver driving recklessly heading south on Hwy 4 and turning south on Rover Boulevard before crashing into a yard on Cascade Avenue.

Moore was helped onto a gurney and placed in an ambulance at the scene by Los Alamos Fire Department personnel. When Perez entered the ambulance, his report indicates that he smelled an order of alcoholic beverage on Moore’s breath and observed that his speech was slurred.

Perez’s report says Jung told him Moore was in the middle of Carlsbad Avenue when he arrived and that the vehicle was not running, the keys were in the ignition and the car was in “drive”.

When asked if he had been drinking, Perez’s report says Moore said he had not but admitted to taking oxycodone pills and said he couldn’t remember how many or how long ago.  Moore reportedly refused to take alternative field sobriety tests or have blood drawn so Perez placed him under arrest.

While being searching Moore for his identification at the Los Alamos Detention Center, Cpl. Eric Wilhoit reportedly found several oxycodone pills.

A status hearing has been set for Oct. 19 in Los Alamos Magistrate Court.