Two Los Alamos Men Charged Following Aug. 22 Incident At White Rock Park

Jeremiah Morris
Jeremiah Morris. Courtesy LAPD

A Los Alamos man arrested Aug. 22 by Los Alamos Police Department and charged with aggravated indecent exposure is back in jail after violating the terms of his pretrial probation. Jeremiah Morris, 27, is also charged with battery on a peace officer, assault on a peace officer, resisting arrest, battery, assault and disorderly conduct.

A report filed by LAPD Cpl. Jemuel Montoya who was first on the scene says officers responded to a report early on the evening of Aug. 22 that a suspicious person was making unwanted sexual comments and physical contact with juvenile females who were in the skate park area next to the White Rock Library. Morris was still on the scene Montoya’s report indicates that Morris was highly-intoxicated and verbally-abusive.

While being led to Montoya’s patrol unit, Morris began to resist arrest and repeatedly placed his foot in the door jam of the vehicle. Montoya’s report says Morris also kicked the door open in an attempt to hit him, unclipped his seat belt, attempted to exit the vehicle and tried to kick out the windows.

After Morris was secured, Montoya spoke to a juvenile female who told him that she and another juvenile female were at the skate park with several children when three males began to “cat-call” the two females, calling them “babe” and whistling at them. The report states the two females became very uncomfortable and began to make excuses to leave with the younger children, gathering them and moving them towards the library building. The female juvenile reported that as they did so, the male with no shirt on unbuttoned his pants and exposed his buttocks to all the juveniles present, the report states.

The second juvenile female told Montoya that the three men showed up and began playing with the younger juveniles and that as they were playing, they began to make comments to both females “calling them ‘hot’”, the report states. The second girl said they both moved to the swings and that the males continued to call out to them saying they were “hot” and “you have nice tits, baby”. She reported that while she was sitting on the swing, two of the males walked up behind her and pulled her shirt down off her shoulder exposing her breast. She described the two men but the report states she was unable to identify which one had pulled her shirt. At that point, she said one of the men pulled down his pants exposing his genitalia to all the juveniles.

Morris was released by Los Alamos Magistrate Judge Pat Casados pending trial on conditions of release which included an unsecured release bond of $5,000, electronic monitoring, no entry to parks or other areas frequented by juveniles, house arrest except for court appearances or doctor’s appointments. His Thursday arrest followed a request from probation i which indicated Morris had tested positive for alcohol twice on his Soberlink unit as well as missing several test times.

One of the witnesses at the scene on Aug. 22 took photos of two vehicles – a green Ford van registered to Garrett Katcher and a Toyota truck driven by Marcus Boomer. A warrant was issued Aug. 23 for Katcher’s arrest and he was charged with assault, reckless driving and disorderly conduct – “violent abusive, indecent, profane boisterous, unreasonably loud and otherwise disorderly conduct which tends to disturb the peace by cat-calling, whistling and laughing at a group of juveniles”.

No charges were filed against Boomer. A pre-trial hearing for Katcher is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 21 before Judge Casados. No hearing date has yet been set for Morris following his arrest on the pre-trial probation violation.