Feldenkrais® Los Alamos – What It Is And How It Can Help

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Feldenkrais Instructor
Feldenkrais Los Alamos

Why Feldenkrais?  For a couple of years, I had leg pain to the point that it woke me up when I lay on that that side.  While at a workshop, someone mentioned Feldenkrais lessons.  I went to the weekly Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes.  The instructor was in a training program in Santa Fe and needed volunteers for Functional Integration lessons.  Of course, I volunteered.  My pain reduced and eventually went away.  I continued to attend the weekly ATM classes when another instructor began teaching.  However, that instructor moved away from Los Alamos.  I considered taking over this class.  I knew a training program was starting in Santa Fe.  I asked the Educational Director if I could teach ATM classes after the first four weeks of training.  He said ‘yes’.  So, I enrolled and started the four-year Feldenkrais training program.  And I kept the existing Feldenkrais ATM class going in Los Alamos until the pandemic. This students provided invaluable feedback, making me a better teacher in time.  A second reason for choosing Feldenkrais:  I am happiest when I am helping people.  I can help people get out of pain using the Feldenkrais Method.

I was supposed to graduate from the Feldenkrais training program on April 30, 2020.  We all know that didn’t happen.  Fortunately, the Educational Director developed an on-line program and I graduated September 2020.  Because of the pandemic, I only saw a few clients.  Via word of mouth, my business grew a little bit.  Now I am ready to start getting the word out.

I am rewarded every time a client says “I don’t need a shoulder replacement, or hip replacement or knee replacement anymore”.   I am rewarded when a client with tremors seldom has tremors.  I am rewarded when a client can get up and down from the in a playful, easy way.  I am rewarded when the client’s pain is reduced and often goes away completely.  I am rewarded when a client walks into the office on crutches and walks out without the crutches.  I am rewarded when a high anxiety client falls asleep during a session – proof that I educated their nervous system to relax.  I believe each person is unique and they recover from traumas, injuries, etc. differently.  I have had a couple of clients who recover after one session.  Most clients take multiple sessions.  I am educating the body to replace old inefficient habits with new more efficient habits – that takes time.  I ask clients to give Feldenkrais a chance and book five sessions.  

 Although the Feldenkrais Method is based on science, I often hear ‘it is magic’.  

My favorite aspect of this Method is that a client does not have to experience more pain to get rid of pain.  In fact, a client must tell me as soon as they experience discomfort or pain.  I can always come at the inefficient habit from another way.  I also like that if a client has a serious injury say to one shoulder that I can teach that shoulder without touching it.  I work with the other shoulder.  The nervous system cannot tolerate to be out of balance so it teaches the injured shoulder.   I also work with the whole body.  The body works as an integrated unit.

My own benefits from doing Feldenkrais for seven years:  I seldom have joint or muscle pain, and if I do, I get rid of the pain quickly.  I feel like I will move gracefully as I get older.  I have learned techniques to optimize how I move.  For example, if I am lying on my back, I know where to press my spine so that I can come to sitting more efficiently.  I have learned many techniques doing ATM lessons.

Business special for March (per person):

One free Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lesson – classroom environment multiple people, Fridays at 6:30 am (morning) or Mondays at 11:00 am at SALA Event Center (Reel Deal).  55 minutes. Cost:  $15.00 per lesson or 6 lesson punch card for $75.00 (saving $2.50 per lesson)


One free Functional Integration (FI) lesson – one-on-one environment. Appointments Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 557 Oppenheimer Dr. Suite 100 (Los Alamos Chiropractic Center). Actual lesson 40-45 minutes, 5 minutes to talk before and after lesson. Cost: $100.00 per lesson or 4 lesson punch card for $360.00 (saving $10.00 per lesson)

See website for which is better for you ATMs or FIs (or both).  Additional information, scheduling and credit card payment available online at http://feldlosalamos.com/You can also pay with cash, check or credit card at your appointment Judy will also schedule your appointment. Contact Judy Hoffman via email at http://feldlosalamos@feldla.com Insurance not accepted because New Mexico puts Feldenkrais under the Education umbrella.