Whiny White Woman Spouts Karenisms

Los Alamos

This is in response to Ms. Hanrahan’s letter to the editor 
https://losalamosreporter.com/2022/05/27/whiney-middle-aged-white-guys/ For the purpose of this letter to the editor, I’ll refer to Ms. Hanrahan as either Hanrahan, or Karen which is appropriate considering her letter.

Hanrahan wrote all problems are attributed to Whiny Middle-Aged White Guys. Since Hanrahan seems to have the answers to what ails everyone and everything, I’m surprised she hasn’t stepped up to solve the problems.

But that’s not what Karens do. Karens like Hanrahan prefer to complain about and insult people who have fun outside. Outside as in enjoying nature, Karen.

1. Hanrahan can’t end climate change, so she looks to Whiny Middle-Aged White Guys to do it for her. Sad Karen.

2. Hanrahan could have written a letter to the editor thanking the Hot Shot crews. Instead, she pens a letter to insult people she doesn’t know. Sad Karen.

3. Have the Whiny Middle-Aged White Guys donated money to those suffering through evacuations? Hanrahan doesn’t know, so she insults them. Sad Karen.

4. How about we write letters to the mayors of Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Seattle, or any liberal city to end gun violence? You did write your letters to these mayors to end gun violence, didn’t you Karen?

5. Karen, write your congressmen/women to change the laws about abortion. Abortion has been returned to the state-level political arena where it belongs. Hanrahan, like many liberals, are unhappy they can no longer kill babies at will.

6. Plant a tree, disturb the local eco-system and hurt a bug? No way, Karen!

7. Plant a flower and possibly kill a worm? No way, Karen!

8. Karen, if the unsightly snags in my Patagonia activewear bothers you; sew them up. And while you’re at it, make me a sammich!

9. Sorry Karen. I’m a Lexus guy and I have a WWW that polishes it for me.

10. Hanrahan should have written a nice letter to the editor thanking Chief Hughes. Instead, we get her whiny missive about nothing and her meek show of gratitude at the end of her letter. She doesn’t even thank Chief Hughes by name. Sad Karen.