Barranca Elementary Helpers Support The Community

Barranca Elementary Helpers with boxes of items they collected for the Hope Pregnancy Center. Courtesy photo

6th Grade
Barranca Elementary Helpers

Editor’s note: Staff sponsors of the Barranca Elementary Helpers are Audrey Juliani & Nicole McGrane and the community sponsor is Los Alamos JJAB.

The 6th Grade Helpers Club at Barranca Mesa Elementary school is a club that strives to help our school and community throughout the school year. This year we chose a project centered around the Hope Pregnancy Center. This is an organization dedicated to supporting families in need and building stronger relationships. They mentor inexperienced parents by helping them work through challenges, give advice, and connect them with additional resources. They also help couples navigate the challenges of communication, working through disagreements, and other relationship issues. Really, they help people be more successful in life.  

Once we settled on Hope Pregnancy Center, we placed 4 boxes around our school to collect supplies such as baby clothes, diapers, blankets, and toys. Over the next four weeks we gathered and organized the donations. We want to thank Barranca parents for all the generous donations. We couldn’t have done this without the support.

We chose this service project because we wanted to help our local community but when we dropped off the donations we learned that their work is even more important than we realized. The Hope Pregnancy Center helps parents who are struggling feel like they aren’t alone and helps them believe that they are going to be good parents. Life gets complicated and Hope Pregnancy helps people navigate challenges. They are doing essential work for families and the health of our community.

If you are interested in supporting Hope Pregnancy Center and giving back to the community, you can volunteer, make a donation and/or donate money. You can contact them at (505) 662-8867, text to (505) 500-4165, email or visit to discover how you can help.

”Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations, have hope.”