Three LAHS Juniors Selected For 2022 Peace Ambassador Program

Marina Naranjo/Courtesy photo

Erin Gattis/Courtesy photo

Solenne Thelliez/Courtesy photo


LAHS juniors Erin Gattis, Marina Naranjo and Solenne Thelliez have been selected to participate in the 2022 Peace Ambassador Program. They are among 15 young women selected from 350 applicants to participate in this unique program.

Peace Ambassadors is a six-month program that develops young women’s leadership and global networking. Female identifying teens (15-18yrs.) will develop skills such as public speaking, media literacy, compassionate listening, and emotional intelligence. The program also builds cross cultural understanding and connections, bringing together young women from New Mexico, Palestine and Israel. Learning from each other’s histories and personal stories evokes empathy and paves way for common ground.

Ambassadors will collaborate to create joint projects that address inequities, build bridges, and heal pain caused by interpersonal and inter-group conflict. They meet twice a month from February through May for trainings and workshops. The program culminates with online and in-person international collaborations with peers from the Middle East from May through August.

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