18-Year Old Charged With DWI After Crashing Through LANSCE Gate, Striking Fire Hydrant


An 18-year old White Rock youth was arrested on multiple charges December 4 after driving through a gate at the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE) on La Mesita Road off the truck route and crashing into a fire hydrant.

Slaoui Younes has been charged in Los Alamos Magistrate Court with driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, criminal damage to property over $1,000, criminal trespass with damage, possession of alcoholic beverages by a minor and unlawful taking of a motor vehicle.

According to Court documents filed by LAPD Sgt. Ryan Wolking, was dispatched to the LANSCE facility shortly before 1 a.m. following reports from Centerra-Los Alamos personnel that Younes had crashed through the LANSCE gate and destroyed it prior to stopping. When Sgt. Wolking arrived at the scene, Younes was standing with his hands against a black four-door vehicle. Wolking said he placed Younes in handcuffs and could smell the odor of alcohol emanating from his breath, and that his eyes appeared bloodshot and watery.

Wolking spoke briefly with Younes about driving through the gate and striking the fire hydrant but he didn’t remember. The report states that Wolking put Younes in the back seat of his patrol unit but that Younes was not really able to give a coherent story. A LANL employee told Wolking that when he approached the vehicle after the crash, Younes was passed out in the driver’s seat.

Wolking conducted standard field sobriety testing on Younes and based on the results, he took Younes back to the patrol unit and told him he would be charged with driving while intoxicated in addition to the other charges. After he was transported to the Los Alamos Detention Center, Younes agreed to a breath test. Following several attempts to conduct the test, Younes had two results of .13 blood alcohol and was placed in a holding cell.

Younes is slated for a pre-trial hearing Jan. 7, 2022 in Magistrate Court.