Los Alamos Family Council CountUP! To 60th Anniversary – Week 3


The Counseling Center at Los Alamos Family Council provides mental and behavioral health services to hundreds of individuals and families each year.  Of those clients, 25% receive their insurance through Medicaid programs.

At this time, Medicaid insurance policies are managed by three companies: BlueCross/BlueShield, Presbyterian, and Western Sky. These three companies are called “Managed Care Organizations” or MCOs. Insurance coverage doesn’t vary between each of the MCOs, but they interact with providers differently. Of the three MCOs, BlueCross/BlueShield manages coverage for most Los Alamos Family Council clients.

Insurance coverage provided by Medicaid is of great assistance to those clients who don’t receive insurance through their workplace. Medicaid coverage of mental health has no limits in the number of covered sessions each year. Additionally, there are no copayments for Medicaid clients. This can save individuals nearly hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year if the client receives weekly therapy. 

For clients who do not qualify for Medicaid but still struggle to cover the cost of their treatments, Los Alamos Family Council provides financial assistance thanks to the generous donations from organizations like United Way, Con Alma and the Northern New Mexico Health Grant Group, as well as through corporate sponsors like N3B – Los Alamos and Enterprise Bank & Trust, and several individual donors. 

Thank you for joining us in our 60th Anniversary CountUP! celebration! Don’t miss out on next week’s!