To The Los Alamos Community And Our LGBTQ+ Youth


In a recent Letter to the Editor, which I will not link here, a community member suggested that LGBTQ+ students should not be allowed to participate in activities on school campuses and that literature depicting or discussing the LGBTQ+ community be immediately removed from campus libraries. Their letter was filled with hateful rhetoric and threats of litigation should the school board or district continue to allow these students to participate in activities on campus, even though these students’ rights are protected by state law.

As an avid supporter of our LGBTQ+ youth and advocate for their safety and welfare on school campuses and in our community at large, I want to first denounce this person’s letter and state my unwavering support for our youth and remind them that there are many, many people in our community who love and support them unconditionally, just as they are. We will continue to fight for you and protect you against those who would try to bring you harm.

I want to next call your attention to an easy, free way to make sure that these students’ rights continue to be advocated for and protected: GO VOTE

We have four school board seats open in the upcoming election. There are candidates for each seat who have dedicated themselves to student advocacy and rights: Ellen Specter (Pinon), Melanie Colgan (Barranca), Erin Green (Mountain), and Antonio Jaurigue (Chamisa, go Cheetahs) have all gone on the record in support of our LGBTQ+ youth and, indeed, ALL students rights. So, if you would like to avoid having to hire a lawyer and spend fruitless hours in courts, just go vote! It really is the easiest way to support our youth.

Early voting is open in Los Alamos County and information on when and where to vote can be found here:

To show further support for our youth, locally and nationwide, consider a donation to The Trevor Project.

Thank you,
Brandi Engeman
White Rock