Endorsing Antonio Jaurigue For School Board District 2

Dear Editor,

My name is Michelangelo Lobato and I am writing this letter to express my support for school board candidate, Antonio Jaurigue.  I have known Tony for the past six years and have always been impressed with his positive attitude and willingness to lend a hand when Chamisa was in need of volunteers.

Tony helped run the Chamisa Robotics Team and I saw first hand what a great leader and role model Tony is for our children.   When the Robotic Cheetahs were in need of a functional robotics competition table, Tony took it upon himself to research and build a very sturdy, well-manufactured surface. When working with the robotics students, Tony was very engaging and brought out the best in the children by encouraging them to solve the problem themselves, which empowered them while also teaching them the very important lesson of working hard to solve their problems.

Tony is a constant staple at Chamisa, often volunteering for the book fair and special events such as the Chamisa yard sale.   He also has spent time in the classroom as a parent volunteer and often attends field trips as a chaperone.

As a parent, Tony is engaged in what is going on in the classroom, and will often come to me if he has a question concerning curriculum or social-emotional issues. His inquiries are very valid and well thought out. When he asks a question, he truly listens to the response with an inquisitive mind.

I support Antonio Jaurigue as a school board candidate because he is genuinely invested in the well-being of the students, teachers, and community. Tony is a team player, and while he is not afraid to speak his mind on issues he deems relevant, he is also able to listen to differences of opinion and work through problems. Tony is well respected amongst his peers because he leads by example, and works to solve the issue. True leaders don’t just supervise; they work with those around them to find the best solution to the problem.  Tony has many great qualities, including a strong work ethic, a genuine demeanor,  and an optimistic outlook on our community and schools. Please vote for Antonio Jaurigue for District 2 school board.


Michelangelo Lobato