Antonio Jaurigue Is The Only Option For LAPS Board District 2


We cannot think of a more qualified person to elect to the District 2 School Board seat than Antonio Jaurigue. We have been neighbors of the Jaurigue family for a few years now, and are constantly impressed by Antonio’s drive and desire to be involved with the Chamisa Elementary School.

Recently, his garage was filled to the brim with items being gathered for the Chamisa PTO yard sale. Antonio devoted many hours canvassing for items, gathering, staging, and selling the items to raise money for the PTO. This is the sort of devotion we need in a school board member. Someone who isn’t doing things just to get elected, but is doing things to better his community. Antonio doesn’t seek the limelight, but rather focuses on doing the right thing. He is devoted to District 2, and has been well before he chose to run for School Board.

Antonio has children that attend Chamisa, so he has a vested interest in what happens within our school district. He is involved with interacting with teachers and parents on a regular basis already thanks to his involvement with the PTO. Those relationships don’t need to be built, they already exist. Antonio is well equipped to start on day one if elected.

When evaluating the candidates for District 2, we encourage everyone to look at what every candidate is doing, and has done in the past for the school district. In our eyes, Antonio Jaurigue is the only candidate that is focused, committed, and open enough to properly serve the needs of District 2 on the School Board.

Aaron and Julie Walker
White Rock