Walker: Why I’m Voting For Sean Williams

Independent Candidate For County Council

I know some people are going to ask the question, “Why is a candidate supporting his opponent?” so I will answer that right off the bat. The answer is quite simple, I believe in Sean Williams. I do not see him as my “opponent”, I see him as someone working toward very similar goals. This election is not a resume bullet point or a goal, it is a pathway to a better community. Sean sees that, and that is why I am happy to endorse him.

Sean is a small business owner in Los Alamos, so he knows first-hand the struggles that come with that. He has been quite honest and open about the true issues that plague our small business economy, and he has a plan to correct them. He was the first candidate to propose the first floor non-customer facing office ban, a proposed attempt to lower commercial rent prices in our downtown areas. Sadly, we are losing our only small business owner currently on council. We NEED the perspective of a small business owner on our county council to advocate for the businesses within our community.

The knowledge Sean possesses due to his experience on the Planning and Zoning Commission is also invaluable. He was one of two commissioners to stand up against the senior housing facility on DP Road due to questions about radioactive contamination potentially left on the site. This shows that he not only wants what is best for the community, but that he will not take the easy road when there are significant questions remaining that are unanswered.

We need people on our council willing to make the hard decisions and fight for the future of our community. Sean will do that. Sean isn’t my opponent, he is fighting for the same goals I am. I encourage all residents to cast one of your votes for Sean Williams for County Council.