Vitriol Being Spewed Here At County Council Is Shameful

Letter To The Editor_Pongratz Endorses Chris Chandler For House District 43 Seat (26)


Have you ever made a difficult decision, then been attacked by someone for it? Someone who perhaps isn’t aware of all the factors that went into your decision?

The vitriol being spewed here at the County Council is shameful. We are getting snippets of stories, and some people are blindly reacting with knee-jerk toxicity. Why? What’s more likely: that the decent candidates elected barely 18 months ago have since turned into sinister and/or incompetent demons, or that they are working hard, nights and weekends, reading reports and data that you and I aren’t reading, and making what they feel is the best decision for their community?

I am not defending the councilors. We must keep watch — representative democracy dies without that — but we can only do so from a well-informed place. Next time you’re tempted to post an angry comment, ask yourself: could there be something I don’t know?

Ed Santiago
Los Alamos