Bahram Banisadr: Letter of Support For Christine Bernstein



I’m writing this letter in support of Chris Bernstein for the Los Alamos Public Schools school board. During my time at Los Alamos High School, she was a teacher, mentor, advisor, and friend to me and I believe she is extremely well qualified to be a member of the LAPS school board.

As a teacher, she would bring an unfortunately underrepresented viewpoint to the board: that of an educator. While it is easy to assume one understands the trials and tribulations of being a teacher, there is no substitute for experience in the classroom or time spent with students, parents, and administrators. During my time at LAHS, I always thought the school board could be that much more effective if they were able to better empathize with those affected by the board’s policies. As a product manager in my adult life, I have become all too aware of how easily the best intentions can diverge from their aims without empathy. Chris’s time as a teacher in multiple districts makes her an ideal candidate to provide this connection.

Chris brings much more to the table. During my time at LAHS, she was both the Student Council sponsor as well as the class of 2011 student government sponsor and she took both to heart. Chris dedicated her time an effort to us as students trying to affect change at LAHS making herself available at all times to help with any project we were working on. Chris was both good at driving projects and initiatives we had as well as supporting ideas brought forth by others. For example, when we had the idea to have an activity fair to showcase all of the clubs as school, Chris supported us at every turn and fought hard to help us try to make it a reality.

Finally, Chris is always willing to go above and beyond. Whether it was coming to watch us play sports for LAHS, being a sounding board for tough decisions, or simply opening up her classroom for stressed students to unwind for a second and breath, Chis has always been willing to do whatever it takes to make the youth of Los Alamos successful. There are clearly the duties that an educator must fulfill, but Chris never stopped there. Instead, she was always a part of our lives and our community ensuring that we students at LAHS we’re getting not just a good education but attention, stimulation, and a sense of community.

It is my sincere opinion that Los Almos would be lucky to have Chris join the ranks of the LAPS Board.

Bahram Banisadr